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Air Bud (1997). "“No, no, I don't want my dog doing beer commercials.”

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Join us this week for "Air Bud" from 1997. We talk pudding animal traps, filler villains, Disney's divorce problem, real depression, 90's anti abuse and why you should never touch Dennis Rodman's Juicy Fruit. Is this movie a slam dunk or are we riding the bench?? Find out now!


Storyline : A young boy and a talented stray dog with an amazing basketball playing ability become instant friends. Rebounding from his father's accidental death, 12-year-old Josh Framm moves with his family to the small town of Fernfield, Washington. The new kid in town, Josh has no friends and is too shy to try out for the school basketball team. Instead he prefers to practice alone on an abandoned court, he befriends a runaway golden retriever named Buddy.

Stars: Michael Jeter, Kevin Zegers, Wendy Makkena & Bill Cobbs

Awards: Nominated : Kid's Choice Award for Best Animal Star

Film Budget: $3,000,000 (estimated)

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $23,144,499


This film was shockingly music poor for it's time. Here is one of the only noteable songs from the movie.



Pass the Fun Facts....They Shoot...They Score and the Trivia Goes Wild

  1. The first Air Bud film completed filming in less than 1 month.

  2. Buddy lost the award of Favorite Animal Star to the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  3. The dog who played Buddy also played Comet in Full House.

  4. Buddy sadly passed away a year after filming this movie. He died from cancer at the age of 10 in 1998.

  5. The moving truck that drove around Buddy's cage, on the highway, was carrying the Framm's items. It can be seen at the house that Jackie Framm drove to and moved, approximately four to six minutes after the movie started.


At this time the original Air Bud is NOT available on Disney+....come on better. We all deserve some Buddy in our lives and we are NOT talking about Buddy the Elf.

You can stream Air Bud on Amazon Prime currently for $3.99.

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