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Amy (1981). "Yes I can speak."

Check out this week's episode "Amy" (1981). Can you hear us? Can you see us? We are here and bring you a truly unique movie. Nothing like you've ever seen or heard.


Storyline :In the early 20th century, a woman named Amy Medford runs away from her unsatisfying marriage to a rich man and the memories of their dead son to work as a speech teacher at a rural school for deaf and blind children. While the school's Matron, Malvina Dodd, questions her approach, eventually Amy breaks through to several of the children, especially Henry Watkins, a deaf boy who . Meanwhile, as her husband Elliot looks for her, another man, Dr. Ben Cochran, bonds with the children and seeks Amy's affections

Directors: Vincent McEveety

Writers: Noreen Stone

Stars: Jenny Agutter, Barry Newman, Kathleen Nolan and Chris Robinson

Awards: 2 Nominations : Best Your Motion Picture Actor : Otto Rechenberg and Best Motion Picture - Family Enjoyment

Film Budget: Unknown

Gross Worldwide: Unknown


There is literally one and only song in this movie.


She taught them to speak. They taught her these fun facts.

  1. The film was originally made-for-TV, produced for the Disney anthology series; it was released to theaters instead.

  2. Nanette Fabray struggled with hearing loss her whole life.


Surprisingly this under the radar oldie but goodie is available on Disney+

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