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Blank Check (1994). "Ralph and Damien sleep butt to face, butt to face, butt to face..."

What happens when you give a kid a blank check? Literally. That's the movie. 90's Disney does it again.


Storyline :After committing check fraud, Preston Waters lives out his 12-year-old fantasies by spending a million dollars in 6 days, but he quickly realizes he can't quite handle the consequences. Miguel Ferrer and Brian Bonsall star in this 1994 kid classic that will leave you asking, "Why didn't this kid get grounded?"

Directors: Rupert Wainwright

Writers: Blake Snyder & Colby Carr

Stars: Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, James Rebhorn, and Rick Ducommun

Awards: NA

Film Budget: $13,000,000 (estimated)

Gross Worldwide: $30,577,969


Could there a more perfect selection of 90's anthems to sum up a kid getting one million dollars and not knowing what to do with it? Oh yeh that's what the crew did with this movie....they have no idea what to do with it. Also for some reason the weird score gets stuck in your head if you watched this as a kid remember.


He knew what to do with a million bucks....did he though? Let the facts speak for themselves.

  1. Karen Duffy also played a character named Shay in Dumb & Dumber the same year. Both films involved a briefcase full of money as a plot element, but unlike this Film Karen Duffy was one of the Antagonists In Dumb and Dumber (1994).

  2. The sequence on the video wall of the virtual reality room is from animated short "Franken's Gears" from the collection Robot Carnival (1987).

  3. During the climactic showdown, Preston puts virtuality goggles on Biderman (Michael Lerner) and makes him wrestle a T-rex statue with the sound of a T-rex roaring. Lerner appeared in Godzilla (1998).

  4. Amongst Preston and the three antagonists, Quigley is the only one to refer to himself and each other by name. Biderman refers to Quigley and Juice by name, but never himself or Preston by name (except he uses words such as "kid" and "boy" to refer to Preston.) Juice refers to Quigley and himself by name but never Biderman or Preston (except he uses the word "boy" to refer to Preston.) Preston refers to himself by name but doesn't refer to Quigley and Juice by name until closer toward the end. He never refers to Biderman by name. Quigley doesn't refer to Preston by name until closer toward the end in which he finds out Preston's name by Butch during the scene they are on top of the building.

  5. After failing to catch Preston in the park car chase. On the next scene, Butch is seen riding his bike when he encounters a $20 note Lon the pavement. He says "hello Mr. Jefferson" when it is actually Andrew Jackson who is pictured on a $20 bill. Jefferson is, however, on the $2 note.


Yes, you can enjoy this film on Disney+ we are kind of surprised in today's climate it hasn't been cancelled yet.

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