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Camilla (1994)."Let us drink alcohol."

In our first venture outside of the traditional Disney list we join Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda in a rather strange 90s movie that embodies hipster deuche culture at its absolute worst.  Is it a road trip movie? Is it a music movie? Is it a love story? All of this is still very much unlcear after we watched Camilla so you don't have to!  Discussions around Jessica Tandy's body double, Bridget Fonda's lip synching "skills" and much more this week on Disney Odd Pod.  


Storyline :Vincent and Freda Lopez are a young married Toronto couple who both indulge in the arts, Vince as an artist and Freda as a musician/composer. Their marriage is not as secure as it may seem on the surface as Vince sees Freda's music as purely a hobby, while she sees it as her vocation, despite feeling insecure about it. The two drive to Savannah, Georgia for a vacation, where they meet mother and son Camilla and Harold Cara, a former concert violinist and a B-movie producer respectively. There is an immediate bond between Camilla and Freda because of their music, and because of the unconditional support Camilla provides to Freda concerning her music that Vince will or cannot. Their bond is also despite the obvious exaggerated stories Camilla tells of her life. After Vince and Harold leave to work on a joint project and after Freda and Vince have an argument following about her musical career, Freda asks Camilla to drive back to Toronto with her to attend a concert of Brahms' violin concerto at the Winter Garden Theatre, which would mirror Camilla's own performance of the same piece at the same venue years earlier. Camila accepts. The women's journey is not only filled with adventure (especially after a mishap with Vince's car) but also one of coming to terms with their past and their future. Meanwhile, Vince and Harold come back to Savannah to find the two women gone. As Vince and Harold look for Freda and Camilla, each of the men eventually have to reconcile their own broken relationship with the woman in their respective life.

Directors: Deepa Mehta

Stars: Jessica Tandy, Bridget Fonda, Hume Cronyn, and Elias Koteas

Awards: 0 Wins & 1 Nominations

Film Budget: $8,500,000

Gross Worldwide: Unknown


For a movie so centralized around music it is a complete desert of musical joy..


They went looking for adventure... and found themselves.

  1. This was the last time Jessica Tandy and her real-life husband Hume Cronyn appeared in a movie together.

  2. In a rare instance, this film is rated PG-13 despite Bridget Fonda's brief full frontal nude scene.

  3. The film cast includes one Oscar winner: Jessica Tandy; and three Oscar nominees: Hume Cronyn, Graham Greene and Atom Egoyan.


We were able to rent this one on Amazon at the time of this posting. We have several 90s movies we would recommend over this one but if you so desire the link is below.

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