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Color of Night (1994)."Suck my tinkertoy."

The infamous Bruce Willis Schlong film. It's here our most scandalous film we've watched yet. Color of Night from 1994.  This movie really should have more iconic cult status...its odd, its gross, it's full of tits, it's perfect for a turn on Disney Odd Pod.  We discuss everything from the nudity, the tropes, the interworkings of the network of relationships, who killed Scott Bakula, and more on this week's episode.  

We are experimenting with abrieviated formatting and not talking through the entire movie to try and bring you a more concise and fast paced podcast, thoughts? 

Let us know! 


Storyline :Psychologist gives up his practice when he unintentionally pushes a patient to commit suicide. In an effort to come to terms with this tragedy he visits an old colleague who is subsequently murdered. The quest to catch the killer centers around a group of psychologically disturbed patients, however equally as important is an affair which develops between himself and the mysterious Rose.

Directors: Richard Rush

Writers: Billy Ray & Matthew Chapman

Stars: Bruce Willis, Jane March, Ruben Blades and Scott Bakula

Awards: 2 Wins & 11 Nominations

Film Budget: $40,000,000 (estimated)

Gross Worldwide: $19,726,050


We love a good cheesy theme song and Color of Night does not disappoint.


Love Can Be Murder

  1. Although this film was a box-office failure, it did very well in the home video market. According to Billboard magazine, this film was one of the Top 20 most-rented films in 1995.

  2. Jane March stated that she "wasn't at all comfortable with the nudity" in the film.

  3. Bruce Willis who is notorious for not getting along with Directors, truly got along with Richard Rush before and during filming. Rush also respected Willis for taking his craft seriously.

  4. There was a major battle between Richard Rush and Andrew Vanja about who had the better version of the film. So what happened was that Rush prepared his 139 minute version and Vanja prepared his own 121 minute version. They made a bet as to see whose version would fare the best and Vanja allowed Rush to set a place, a date and a theater where the two versions of the film would play. Rush chose San Francisco as the city where both versions would be played on the same date but at different times. After that day was over, Rush won the bet because many felt his version was the more coherent of the two without question.

  5. MAXIM magazine had named this film's sex scenes as the best sex scenes in film history.


We had to rent this one on Amazon. Link below.

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