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G-FORCE (2009). "Blaster, don't drop a pellet. Too late."

Maybe we would have enjoyed this more if we had seen this in 3-D? Maybe they should have used the voice talents they had and found a new writer? This movie definitely encapsulated everything terrible about modern movies.

Synopsis : A team of highly trained guinea pigs working for the FBI is about to save the world when their mission gets shut down. But the loyal furry agents ignore orders and continue on their dangerous assignment.

Director: Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr.

Writers: Cormac and Marianne Wibberely

Stars: Bill Nighy, Zach Galifianakis, Will Arnett, Penelope Cruz, Nicholas Cage, and Sam Rockwell.

Awards: None

Film Budget: $150,000,000.

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $292,817,841 (how?)



#1 - The bakery in the movie, "Giselle's Bakery," was named after Giselle Yeatman, Hoyt Yeatman's wife. She also named the character "Mooch," after the word "mouche," which is the word for "fly" in French.

#2 - Director Hoyt Yeatman's son, Hoyt Yeatman IV, came up with the original idea for the film when he was five years old. Yeatman liked his son's story so much that he brought it to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

#3 - This is the first Disney's live-action/computer-animated hybrid film


This movie seemed to only play one song on repeat....why?!?!?


Lucky for you disnerds this classic is on Disney+

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