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Hear My Song (1991)."Vice Versa Love."

Is this the best movie we've ever watched? Is this one giant commercial for Dunkin Donuts? We discuss the 1998 classic film Good Will Hunting. One of D's favorite movies, we get into it all, the epic performance of Robin Williams, Harvard ponytail Minnie Driver hot? All this and more right here this week on Disney Odd Pod. 


Storyline :The owner of a failing club seeks infamous Irish singer Josef Locke in order to bring business and success to his club.

Directors: Peter Chelsom

Writers: Peter Chelsom and Adrian Dunbar

Stars: Adrian Dunbar, Ned Beatty, Brian Flanagan and Tara Fitzgerald

Awards: 4 Wins & 4 Nominations

Film Budget: Less than $2,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $4,313,473


For a movie based around music there isn't too much to be had but we did enoy a few of these numbers.


There's Definitely Magic in the Air

  1. The film cost less than £2 million to make and was shot in Ireland in under 6 weeks. Then first time director Peter Chelsom and co-writer/ star Adrian Dunbar took it to the Cannes Film Festival in search of a buyer. There, Harvey Weinstein snapped up the American distribution rights for Miramax, thus ensuring the film of a high degree of visibility. This duly paid off with its success at the American and UK box office, and a Golden Globe nomination for Ned Beatty.

  2. David McCallum portrays Detective Constable Jim Abbott, who is trying to track down Josef Locke for non-payment of UK income tax. In real life McCallum's father, David McCallum Snr, was a violinist in the London Philharmonic and actually played in the orchestra for the real Josef Locke. McCallum Jnr mentioned this fact during publicity interviews when the film was released.

  3. Although the movie is fictional, the real Josef Locke was for a time a tax exile from the United Kingdom. He later settled his differences with the Inland Revenue and was able to return to England.


You can rent this one on Amazon but technically you can at this time watch for FREE on YOUTUBE.

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