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Lady and the Tramp (1955). "What a dog!"

Join us for this week's episode "Lady and the Tramp". We talk being the apple of your Daddies eye, getting baby bumped, freedom of the beggar, evil Aunties, Bella Notte, and why you never underestimate the power of a rat to save your tail! Does this movie have us kissing in the moonlight or are we happy to stayed locked up for good? Find out now!!!!


Storyline :Lady, a golden cocker spaniel, meets up with a mongrel dog who calls himself the Tramp. He is obviously from the wrong side of town, but happenings at Lady's home make her decide to travel with him for a while. This turns out to be a bad move, as no dog is above the law.

Directors: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske

Writers: Ward Greene, Erdman Penner and Joe Rinaldi

Stars: Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts, Bill Thompson and Peggy Lee

Awards: Nominee BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film

Film Budget: $4,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $93,933,394


If you please care to enjoy these soundtrack selections.


Fall in love with these fun facts all over again.

  1. Walt Disney originally didn't want to include the 'Bella Notte' spaghetti-eating scene, now one of the most iconic moments in the whole Disney canon.

  2. To maintain a dog's perspective, Darling and Jim Dear's faces are rarely seen.

  3. CinemaScope presented some new problems for the animators. The wider canvas space made it difficult for a single character to dominate the screen, and groups had to be spread out to keep the screen from appearing too sparse.

  4. Hiring Peggy Lee arguably was the first instance of a superstar voice being used for an animated film.

  5. Before animating the fight between Tramp and the rat, animator Wolfgang Reitherman kept rats in a cage next to his desk to study their actions.


You too can watch the iconic spaghetti and meatball scene right here on Disney+

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