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Operation Dumbo Drop. (1995). "You nice American? You think you're Number One? You Number Ten!"

It's raining cats and elephants out there! Join us as we accompany Danny Glover, Ray Liota, Denis Leary and Doug E. Doug trek across Vietnam to deliver a pachyderm to a village that needs her.


Storyline :During the Vietnam War, a village that American forces are using to spy on the Ho Chi Minh Trail has its sacred elephant killed by the North Vietnamese Army because they were cooperating with the Americans. The villagers need an elephant for a ceremony that will occur within the week. Captain Sam Cahill, an easygoing man who is heading home, and his hotheaded replacement Captain TC Doyle scrounge up another elephant with the help of sneaky supply chief warrant officer David Poole, luckless farmboy Lawrence Farley, and short-timer Harvey Ashford, and transport it across South Vietnam to get it to the village on time, running into all sorts of transport problems, personality conflicts, and an NVA squad that wants the Americans out of the village.

Directors: Simon Wincer

Writers: James Morris(story), Gene Quintano, Jim Kouf

Stars: Ray Liota, Danny Glover, Doug E. Doug and Denis Leary

Awards: NA

Film Budget: $24,670,346

Gross Worldwide: Unknown


It wouldn't be a Vietnam war movie without the same tracks playing over and over in our heads. In addition to a call back to Dumbo the flying elephant.


Five tons of Disney fun! Along with Five tons of Disney Facts. Ok not that many but a few.

  1. Denis Leary has said that he, Danny Glover, and Ray Liotta only did the picture because they each wanted to buy property. Filming took so long, and got so bad, they all started carrying around pictures of the property and looking at them to get them through the shooting.

  2. While filming the parachute scene, the parachute failed to open for three of the six fiberglass elephant replicas during the first three takes of the scene. This resulted in having three out of the six replicas getting damaged when they didn't land on the ground safely.

  3. It only took six weeks to shoot the scenes with the elephant replicas.

  4. The plane used to transport the elephants, was a C-123.

  5. According to Rick Lazzarini, the elephant replicas looked so realistic, they fooled the real elephant when it saw them on the shooting location.


You can watch elephants fall from the sky with Ray Liota in hot pursuit right here on Disney+

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