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Rocketman (1997). "Fun is my chinese neighbor's middle name".

Join us this week in space for "RocketMan" (1997). We talk the homeless man's Jim Carrey, pseudo Bill Clinton, ultra fart humor, 90's hot, astronaut jocks and why you never should base your career off making bird noises. Does this movie have us blasting off or are we hoping to make solid impact with an asteroid? Find out now!!!


Storyline : Fred Z. Randall is a geeky and obnoxious spacecraft designer who gets the chance to make his dream come true and travel to Mars as a member of the first manned flight there.

Director: Stuart Gillard

Writers: Oren Aviv, Craig Mazin, & Greg Erb

Stars: Harland Williams, Jessica Lundy & William Sadler

Awards: None

Film Budget: $16 Million

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $15,448,043


We really tried our best to block out this song. But when we think about the music in this film this is really one of the only songs that comes to mind. Here for your enjoyment or to pain you is Harland Williams singing He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.



Three...Two...One...We have liftoff to planet trivia.

  1. To prepare for their roles as astronauts, the three stars attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, riding in simulators and participating in other activities.

  2. For the surface of Mars, the filmmakers shot in Moab, Utah, where they found giant cliffs, red rocks, a lack of vegetation, and the overall scale of what could be a distant planet.

  3. At one point in the film, the commander tells Randall, "Have fun." Randall replies with "Fun is my Chinese neighbors middle name." Disney was afraid that the joke would offend Chinese viewers. However, many Chinese fans actually found the joke to be very funny.

  4. To get the PG rating in the UK, 42 seconds were cut to remove a scene. In this scene, Young Fred Z. Randall (Brandon Kaplan), enthralled by all things astronaut and space, climbs into his home washing machine and goes for a 'spin' inside it, all the while pretending that he's in a space capsule or astronaut trainer, preparing himself for the rigors of space such as motion sickness, so that he may one day be better prepared to apply for his dream job... to be a true NASA astronaut! (PS: Don't try this 'training' method at home.)

  5. William Sadler "CDR Bill Overbeck" says as a preface to setting foot on Mars that he's a farmboy from Iowa. James T. Kirk "Star Trek" is from Iowa.


Another one that was not available for Disney+. But you can stream through Amazon for $3.99. Can we speak to if it is worth the price tag...listen to our episode and draw your own conclusions on this one.

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