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Snowball Express (1972). "There's a fish in my drink."

It's a tale of two films! Beginning with a wholesome family fixing up an old hotel we somehow land with snowmobile racing? Are we on track to save the lodge or are we running off course?


Storyline :When John Baxter inherits a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, he quits his job in New York and moves the family west to run it, only to find that the place is a wreck. Together they decide to try to fix it up and run it. But Martin Ridgeway wants the property and does everything he can to ensure that their efforts will fail.

Directors: Norman Tokar

Writers: Don Tait (screenplay), Jim Parker(screenplay), Arnold Margolin(screenplay)

Stars: Dean Jones, Nancy Olson, Harry Morgan, and Johnny Whitaker

Awards: None

Film Budget: Unknown

Gross Worldwide: Unknown


With essentially no music clips to be found you can enjoy our favorite scene from the film. Dean Jones downhill skiing.


It's Fractured Trees and Flying Skis! If only we had some more fun facts to soften the blow.

  1. Harry Morgan, who played Jesse McCord, stated that he was "single & 75"; he was actually 57.

  2. Was filmed in Crested Butte, Colorado.


We were pleasantly surprised that this movie was available on Disney+ with so little information on it online we were expecting to have to rent this one on Amazon or Youtube, but nope! It's available on Disney+ right here.

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