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That Darn Cat! (1997). "You know, I once built a castle out of Spam."

Journey with us this week to Edgefield, MA as we revisit one of our most beloved film franchises yet, That Darn Cat. This modern retelling has a lot more meat and we don't mean story. We discuss unconventional beauty, elderly puns, a poor man's Eddie Murphy, and the importance of wearing pastels. Does this remake have us clawing for the exit or leave us with cat scratch fever? Find out now!


Storyline : In a small Massachusetts town, two bumbling criminals mistakenly kidnap a maid, thinking her to be the wife of a prominent businessman. D.C., short for Darn Cat, is an alley cat who, while looking for his nightly snack, stumbles upon the kidnap victim, bound and gagged in a shed. The kidnap victim scratches a plea for help on the back of her wristwatch and puts it around the cat's neck. Patti finds the watch and links it to the missing maid. Playing amateur detective, she enlists the aid of an FBI agent, Zeke, who has been assigned to the case. Patti and Zeke follow D.C. through tight openings to track down the captive.

Director: Bob Spiers

Writers: Gordon Gordon, Mildred Gordon, & Bill Walsh

Stars: Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug, Elvis the Cat, Dean Jones, & Michael McKean

Awards: None

Film Budget: Unknown

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $18,301,610


Who can ever forget this terrible skaw-inspired remake of the classic theme song. stop. Please stop.



We've Got the Trivia to Solve the Case!

  1. This film was Christina Ricci's only appearance in any Disney cinematic production. The original 1960s film was the final appearance in Disney films for actress Hayley Mills.

  2. Agent Zeke Kelso's car, a classic Ford Falcon, shares a platform and many components with the Ford Fairlane, the vehicle which served as Agent Kelso's car in the original 1965 film.

  3. Eddie Murphy turned down the part of agent Zeke Kelso.


How this movie made it onto Disney+ we will never know. This should be buried and forgotten about.

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