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The Absent Minded Professor (2015)."Let's see flying rubber...Flubber!"

This week we find the origin of Flubber and we are left no closer to finding out ANYTHING about it.  A clearly older Fred MacMurray woos Nancy Olson or...forgets to? Either way it's awkwardness that can only be saved by non-sentient flying rubber.  And for some reason Tommy Kirk is a villian...but with no explanation as to how he becomes fred's closest confidant in the sequel? Why does Flubber only leave us with questions? Help us unlock them this week.


Storyline :A bumbling professor accidently invents flying rubber, or "Flubber", an incredible material that gains energy every time it strikes a hard surface. It allows for the invention of shoes that can allow jumps of amazing heights and enables a modified Model-T to fly. Unfortunately, no one is interested in the material except for Alonzo Hawk, a corrupt businessman who wants to steal the material for himself.

Directors: Robert Stevenson

Stars: Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn and Tommy Kirk

Awards: 1 Wins & 8 Nominations

Film Budget: $2,000,000

Gross Worldwide: Unknown


This movie is not exactly known for its music but we all can get in the mood with the Medfield fight song!


The funniest discovery since laughter!

  1. At the height of the film's popularity, "Time" Magazine printed the "Disney" special effects department's recipe for Flubber, as used in the movie. It read as follows: "To one pound of salt water taffy add one heaping tablespoon polyurethane foam, one cake crumbled yeast. Mix till smooth, allow to rise. Then pour into saucepan over one cup cracked rice with one cup water. Add topping of molasses. Boil till lid lifts and says 'Qurlp'." It is not recorded whether this also carried the standard warning "do not try this at home".

  2. Three generations of the Wynn family act in this film: Ed Wynn, his son Keenan Wynn, and Keenan's son, Ned Wynn.

  3. The song "Medfield Fight Song" was written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, the first of many they would write for Disney.

  4. A toy version of Flubber was sold courtesy of "Disney" licensee Hassenfeld Bros., Inc. of Rhode Island. The silvery, glittery substance was sold to children, but due to health issues it was discontinued. It would also ruin clothing and rugs as it would "melt" into fabrics.

  5. Fred Macmurray was 20 years older than Nancy Olson.


The absent minded professor is available now on Dsiney+

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