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The Big Green (1995). "I'm little, I'm low to the ground, I got power, I got moves! I'm your man!"

Is a hot chick who knows her way around a soccer ball the answer to this tiny town's problems? A chubby Steve Guttenberg seems to think so. Do we cheer along this week for the Big Green or are we giving them a big BOO?


Storyline :An underdog sports team of misfit kids learns to play a new sport and become champions while building self-esteem, making friends, and solving a variety of dramatic family crises through the able assistance of a foreign exchange teacher and former local sports hero as coaches.

Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d'Abo, and Jay O. Sanders

Awards: NA

Film Budget: $12,000,000 (estimated)

Gross Worldwide: $17,736,619


A truly strange soundtrack with some very out of place choices for a kids movie.


The biggest kick of the year fueled by fun facts.

  1. Most of the child actors and actresses did not know how to play soccer. In fact, Anthony Esquivel was the only one who knew how to play at the time of filming.

  2. Not only is this the directorial debut of Holly Goldberg Sloan, this is also the first live action Disney movie to be directed by a woman.

  3. By including the shoot-out, Lou (Ashley Welch), Evan (Chauncey Leopardi), Jeffrey (Billy L. Sullivan), and Larry (Patrick Renna) are the only four team members that do not score a goal on-screen.

  4. There is an actor named John Terry in this movie. The name "John Terry" is a famous soccer player's name.

  5. Steve Guttenberg gained over twelve pounds in preparation for his role as Sheriff Tom Palmer.


You can feel the power of the Big Green right here on Disney+

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