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The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)."Don't worm me, you worm!."

This week it's the return of Medfield College and Dean Higgins! Just kidding that was Medvale College and not Dean relation. Come on Disney! Major missed opportunity for a megaverse of weird old movies! We can see it now....Tommy Kirk meets Kurt Russell...Annette meets this 0 of a chick. Either way, this week it's The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.


Storyline :Some college students manage to persuade the town's big businessman, A. J. Arno, to donate a computer to their college. When the problem- student, Dexter Riley, tries to fix the computer, he gets an electric shock and his brain turns to a computer; now he remembers everything he reads. Unfortunately, he also remembers information which was in the computer's memory, like the illegal business Arno is involved in.

Directors: Robert Butler

Writers: Joseph McEveety

Stars: Kurt Russell, Cesar Romano, Joe Flynn, and William Schallert

Awards: 0 Wins & 0 Nominations

Film Budget: Unknown

Gross Worldwide: $728,653


There's not much here in terms of "soundtrack" but we did enjoy the opening title sequence and song.


Programmed for laughs!!! But not for accurate science...hopefully someone fact checked these fun facts.

  1. This was the first in the "Dexter Riley" movies, a trilogy of three high-concept Disney fantasy-comedies starring Kurt Russell as Dexter, with Joe Flynn and Cesar Romero. These films were set in Medfield College where a scientific breakthrough would lead to hijinks. They were The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) (robotics / human computers), Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972) (invisibility) and The Strongest Man in the World (1975) (super-strength).

  2. Some of the colleges that faced off against the Medfield Lions on the television quiz show "Universal Encyclopaedia" were Paterson College, Franklin University, the Springfield State Rockets, and the Rockhurst Bulldogs, which were also referred to as the Lockhurst Bulldogs.

  3. According to "Variety" this movie was Robert Butler's "debut swing to pix from telefilm", although in the same year Butler directed Guns in the Heather (1969), which was made-for-television, but was re-edited into feature film form for European theatrical release.


The entire trilogy of the "Dexter Riley" films starring Kurt Russell are available to stream on Disney+

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