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The Emperor's New Groove (2000). "That is the last time we are taking directions from a SQUIRREL".

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Not your typical Disney animated movie. Full of character and laughs this movie definitely lives up to it's underappreciated name.

Summary : Emperor Kuzco thought he had it all: a devoted populace to rule over, a wardrobe of glamorous garb and his unwavering "groove." But when a devious mix-up turns Kuzco into a llama, the once-mighty ruler must form an unlikely alliance when a peasant offers to help Kuzco regain his throne from the power-hungry adviser who stole it from him.

Director: Mark Dindal

Writers: Chris Williams and Mark Dindal

Stars: David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, and Patrick Warburton

Budget: $100,000,000 (estimated)

Cumulative Worldwide Gross:


Awards: Best Original Song (Nominee) : "My Funny Friend and Me".



#1 - Pacha's wife Chicha is not only one bad*ss lady but she is also a Disney animation 1st. Chicha is the first pregnant character to be depicted in a Disney animated feature. You go girl.

#2 - Our beloved Yzma. The original choice for her voice was Barbara Streisand, while we love some Barb in our lives we can't imagine anyone but the incredible Eartha Kitt voicing this favorite disney baddie.

#3 - Patrick Warburton — the voice actor of Kronk — made up his own atonal theme song in the scene where Kronk is leaving the city to get rid of Kuzco. This song is not on the films official soundtrack, along with Yzma’s song — Snuff out the Light.



That pack of jaguars in the jungle? Yeh No. Jaguars are solitary animals by nature.

Before Kuzco throws the crown in the air, there are 6 rays of sun on crown. While it's in the air, there are now 7 rays of sunshine and then back on his head it's 6 rays again.

When Pacha and Kuzco fall down the canyon wall only to get stuck in the narrow gap they have to work their way back up to the rope, but when Pacha fell through the bridge just seconds before he had a clear view of the river below. There was no narrow canyon blocking the way.

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