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The Fox & The Hound (1981). "Amos Slade you trigger-happy lunatic! Give me that gun!"

This movie had us feeling lots of feels. Well ONE of us that is. Do you remember watching this as a child? Kelly apparently watched this more than any other movie in their family library. Does she just like being depressed?


Storyline : When a feisty little fox named Tod meets Copper, an adorable hound puppy, the two grow up together and vow to be best buddies forever. But when Copper is expected to take on his natural role as a hunting dog, he and Tod face the ultimate test of their friendship.

Writers: Daniel P. Mannix...(based on the book by)Larry Clemmons...(story) &Ted Berman...(story) &David Michener...(story) &Peter Young...(story) & Burny Mattinson...(story) &Steve Hulett...(story) &Earl Kress...(story) & Vance Gerry

Stars: Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, & Jeannette Nolan

Awards: Germany Golden Screen Winner

Film Budget: $12,000,000 (estimated)

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $63,456,988


Who Remembers This Song?


  1. Fox and the Hound was the last to be released in its Black Diamond glory, but that didn't stop there. The same film was the very first to be released in "The Gold Collection" edition, preferably the VHS versions.

  2. The relationship between Todd and Copper was really developed due to the relationship of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. If those names sound familiar – it might be because they were 2 of the “Nine Old Men” team. According to D23, their friendship made the onscreen friendship all the more special.


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