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The Jungle Book (1967)."Pawpaw, ha! Of all the silly gibberish."

This week we go on yet another jungle adventure with a dumb kid and a wet blanket cat. It's the original Jungle Book from 1967.


Storyline :Abandoned after an accident, baby Mowgli is taken and raised by a family of wolves. As the boy grows older, the wise panther Bagheera realizes he must be returned to his own kind in the nearby man-village. Baloo the bear, however, thinks differently, taking the young Mowgli under his wing and teaching him that living in the jungle is the best life there is. Bagheera realizes that Mowgli is in danger, particularly from Shere Khan the tiger who hates all people. When Baloo finally comes around, Mowgli runs off into the jungle where he survives a second encounter with Kaa the snake and finally, with Shere Khan. It's the sight of a pretty girl, however, that draws Mowgli to the nearby man-village and stay there

Writers: Larry Clemmons...(story) & Ralph Wright...(story) & Ken Anderson...(story) & Vance Gerry...(story) Rudyard Kipling...(inspired by the Mowgli stories) Bill Peet...(story) (uncredited)

Awards: 6 Wins & 4 Nominations

Film Budget: $4,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $205,843,612


This definitely has that classic Disney feel to the soundtrack. You could say it gives us the Bare Necessities.


A Swingin' Safari of Laughs

  1. The Vultures were originally going to be voiced by The Beatles. The band's manager, Brian Epstein, approached the Disney studios about having The Beatles appear in the film, and Disney had his animators create the Vultures specifically to be voiced by the band. But when Epstein took the idea to the Beatles, John Lennon vetoed the idea, and told Epstein to tell Disney he should hire Elvis Presley instead. The look of The Vultures, with their mop-top haircuts and Liverpool voices, are a homage to The Beatles; one bird's voice and features are clearly based on George Harrison's. When the Beatles departed the project, the song was rewritten as a barbershop quartet, to make it timeless.

  2. This is the 19th animated feature in the Disney canon. It was the last to be personally supervised by Walt Disney and Disney's last animated feature of the 1960s. This was the first film the studio released after Disney's death in 1966, and it was dedicated to his memory.

  3. Bruce Reitherman, who provided the voice of Mowgli, later became a wildlife documentarian.

  4. Kaa's song "Trust in Me" was originally written for Mary Poppins (1964) as "Land of Sand" but not used.

  5. A scene with a near-sighted, short-tempered rhinoceros named Rocky, who was to be in the scene with the Vultures, was cut out of the script after Walt Disney figured that two comic scenes back-to-back was poor movie-making. Rocky was to be voiced by Frank Fontaine, who recorded his lines, and animation went as far as detailed storyboards.


Jungle Book 1 and Jungle Book 2 are both on Disney+

(Yes there is a Jungle Book 2...there's a reason no one talks about it).

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