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Unidentified Flying Oddball (1979). "I be a lowly page. But I do what I can."

Definitely not a movie either of us had heard of nor thought it would be anything like what we witnessed. Have you heard of this movie? And more importantly have you seen it? King Arthur meets outer space and time travel? What could possibly go wrong?

Storyline : After Trimble’s NASA spacecraft travels faster than the speed of light, it takes him and his android back to King Arthur’s Camelot. They then use their 20th-century technology to help defeat a plot by the evil Sir Mordred and Merlin to oust King Arthur from his throne

Director: Russ Mayberry

Writer: Don Tait

Stars: Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale, Sheila White & Ron Moody.

Awards: None

Film Budget: Unknown

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: Unknown


We are just really disappointed this song didn't make an appearance in the movie.


  1. Ron Moody would later reprise his role as Merlin in A Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995).

  2. Oddball is one of the few films released under the Disney banner where pornography (i.e. Playboy) is mentioned.

  3. Kenneth More (King Arthur) replaced an actor who dropped out.

  4. The velocity that was faster than the speed of light which the NASA spacecraft "Stardust" could fly, was 290,000 miles per second.

  5. This was Kenneth More's final film before his death on July 12, 1982 at the age of 67.



Where to Watch?

We were very surprised to find this film available on Disney+

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