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Over 400 Movies, 2 Fans, 1 Disney+ Account. 

Hi, welcome to Disney Odd Pod. Thanks for checking us out! We are currently in the process of rebranding our show so you may see the old podcast name here and there. Thank you for your patience while we make this transition!  We have found in the past 2 years of doing this podcast many of these films are just straight up ODD so we decided to change the name of our show to the catchier Disney Odd Pod.  After returning from our recent Honeymoon in Disneyworld we immediately subscribed to Disney+.  We realized that while one of us had a lot of history and nostalgia with Disney movies (Kat) one of us did not. (D).  Seriously...he hasn't really watched a Disney movie since the Lion King...the first one.  While she saw Frozen opening weekend, twice. So we figured why not talk about it?

So we have set out to watch them all! Well almost all of them.  Our list of over 400 films includes all live action movies as well as animated classics.  Each week a random movie is selected for us and we willl watch and give you our thoughts. 


Follow along on the list tab! We'd love to hear from you! 

The podcast is available wide wherever you find your podcast content.  Please be sure to like, subscribe, share, and leave us a review. It really does help us grow the show. We'd like to start doing more things for our listeners like SWAG, help us get to more viewers and can hopefully get you more great content. 

Leave us a shout out and we will try our best to mention you on our next show. We record these episodes a few weeks out so if you are waiting, hang in there! 

Thanks for all the great feedback and listens so far! 

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