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Brother Bear (2003)."You're one big beaver eh?"

This week we are absolutely thrilled to have our first ever guest on the show. Rob from The Podcast Wore Tennis Shoes is joining us today for Brother Bear from 2003.

Join us as we explore brotherly love, bear love, man bear love, bears of love, bears bears everywhere. Is Joaquin Phoenix the best bear voice we have ever heard? Does the music of Phil Collins pull on our heart strings? So many questions to be answered here on Disney Odd Pod this week and we are so happy to have our guest help us claw through this film.


Storyline :Kenai, a man who resents bears after a fight with one kills his older brother, is turned into a bear so he can see life from a different perspective. He is visited by the spirit of his older brother, and is told that, if he wishes to be changed back into a human, he must travel to the place where the lights touch the Earth, in other words, the Northern Lights. Fueled by hope, Kenai sets off on his long journey, and, along the way, encounters a younger bear, Koda, who is a chatterbox and a fun-loving spirit; Koda is trying to find his way back to his home, the Salmon Run, which, coincidentally, is right next to where the lights touch the Earth. Koda and Kenai team up, but are hunted by Kenai's other brother, Denahi, who fears that the bear has killed Kenai as well. Along the way, the two bears meet other friends, including two moose, some rams, and some mammoths, with whom they hitch a ride. However, Kenai discovers that he likes being a bear, and realizes that humans aren't only afraid of bears; through Koda's eyes, the humans are the monsters, with their long spears. With a whole new view on life, Kenai makes a decision that will change his world forever.

Directors: Aaron Blaise and Robert Walker

Awards: 2 Wins & 22 Nominations

Film Budget: $128,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $250,397,798


Phil Collins tries his best to create emotional resonance with this soundtrack but just kind of falls flat. Thoughts?


The story of a boy who became a man by becoming a bear.

  1. The lines, "I don't care that you and Binky found the world's biggest pine cone ever" and "First of all, it's not Binky, it's Bucky, and it wasn't a pine cone, it was a pine nut" said by Kenai (Joaquin Phoenix) and Koda (Jeremy Suarez) was an accidental improvisation because Phoenix messed up his line and Suarez corrected it when they were recording.

  2. Most of the characters are named after actual places in Alaska, where the story is set. For example, Kenai is named after the Kenai Peninsula.

  3. In the German version, Tuke and Rutt are called Benny and Björn, after the two male members of the Swedish pop group ABBA. In the weeks before the theatrical release in Germany, they appeared in short funny clips telling the audience to switch off cell phones during the movie.

  4. The leader of the bears in the salmon run is a clear caricature of his voice actor, Michael Clarke Duncan.

  5. Denahi is the narrator of the film. Although the subtitles in the film mistake the narrator to be Sitka, it is shown at the beginning that he is the narrator when it shows an elderly Denahi, wearing his totem, as he tells the story in Inuktitut, which is vocally translated to the audience.


Brother Bear along with Brother Bear 2 (yes there is a sequel apparently)...are available on Disney+

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