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Escape to Witch Mountain (1975). "Tony, we've got to get out of here, before it's too late, please."

This week we return to Witch Mountain only this time, no power suit, no gang of charming crazy kids but theres a lot of animals to make up for it. We follow familiar faces Tia and Tony as they run from rich oil tycoons, charm animals, and make friends with a crochity old man.  Join us as we Escape to Witch Mountain from 1975. 


Storyline :Tia and Tony are two orphaned youngsters with extraordinary powers. Lucas Deranian poses as their uncle in order to get the kids into the clutches of Deranian's megalomanical boss, evil millionaire Aristotle Bolt, who wants to exploit them. Jason, a cynical widower, helps Tia and Tony "escape to witch mountain," while at the same time Tia and Tony help Jason escape the pain of the loss of his wife.

Directors: John Hough

Stars: Kim Richards, Eddie Albert, Ray Milland, and Donald Pleasence

Awards: 0 Wins & 0 Nominations

Film Budget: Unknown

Gross Worldwide: $20,000,000


This film actually does have a pretty good score. It's a good listen. Especially the escape song. Super fun!


Escape To The Unknown!

  1. The character of Tia in the flashback sequences was played by Kyle Richards, the real-life younger sister of Kim Richards.

  2. Kim Richards (Tia) had a particular affection for Bruno the Bear. One day she asked to help bathe him and, acting uncharacteristically, the bear picked her up, swung and shook her vigorously before his handler finally got Bruno to set her down. Richards was terrified, but tried to play it off for the group of spectators which had gathered.

  3. Bruno the Bear was only alert for about ten minutes a day, which the production crew had to carefully schedule with the children's two-hour work schedule.

  4. This movie included a $3 million replica of a Byzantine castle, built between 1926 and 1934 from lava rock from Mt. Vesuvius and materials all over Europe, which served as Aristotle Bolt's (Ray Milland's) kingly abode, Xanthus.

  5. The primary cat who portrayed Winky was temperamental and difficult with which to work, particularly for Ike Eisenmann (Tony), who sustained numerous cuts and scratches from the feline.


All of the witch mountain films are available to watch on Disney+

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