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Flubber (1997)."I love you on a subatomic level."

This week we bounce around with Robin Williams as the most forgetful man alive....or is he the most forgettable man alive? We will dive in to the goo, discuss horny robots voiced by Jodi Benson, question the sentience of Flubber, and is Marcia Gay Harden hot? Let us know as you join us for Flubber from 1997.


Storyline :Having already missed his wedding to his beautiful sweetheart, Sara, twice, the happy, absent-minded professor, Dr. Phillip Brainard, is struggling to come up with a brilliant invention to save Medfield College from closure. However, as good things come to those who wait, the eccentric inventor stumbles upon an innovative but highly unstable formula for "Flubber", a mysterious rubber-like hybrid elastomer that can lift objects, bouncing and stretching as if it had a mind of its own. Of course, this unique but untamed creation catches the attention of a ruthless rival who is bent on getting his hands on the extraordinary substance. But first, he will have to catch it. Can Dr. Brainard protect his invention?

Directors: Les Mayfield

Writers: Samuel W. Taylor, John Hughes and Bill Walsh

Stars: Robin Williams, Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald & Jodi Benson

Awards: 3 Wins & 2 Nominations

Film Budget: $80,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $177,977,226


This is definitely not a music heavy movie. Actually...there is zero music...yes 0 MUSIC!!! So off base for a 90s movie. So we included the grossest scene of the entire movie instead.


What is Flubber?

  1. According to Wil Wheaton, in the scenes that he was in with Robin Williams, they would film a take the way it was supposed to be filmed. After that take, Williams would often want to improvise scenes differently than the script, just for fun. Those scenes were not added to the actual film, but there were enough scenes to make an entirely different movie.

  2. In the film poster where Brainard is wearing his goggles and Flubber is not wearing his glasses, a few bubbles of flubber in the upper right-hand corner form a hidden Mickey.

  3. The name "Medfield" comes from Medfield, Massachusetts, a town where Walt Disney liked to vacation.

  4. Sound designer Andrew M. Somers created the sound of Flubber by using a rubber balloon filled with water, Metamucil, and air. The Metamucil became "gloopy" and in the balloon, it helped make a rubbery, gurgly sound. The voice of Flubber, performed by Scott Martin Gershin, was processed to raise the pitch in order to sound small and squeaky.

  5. The ford thunderbird 1963 used in this movie was bought by a fan and customized after.


Flubber can be streamed on Disney+. Along with Absent Minded Professor which we have yet to see to compare the two.

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