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The Tigger Movie (2000)."You can't bounce the bounce if you can't even pronounce the bounce."

This week on a shorter episode we bounce straight into The Tigger Movie from the year 2000.  Maybe the world would have been a better place if Y2K stopped this movie from happening. Some may find it heartwarming...we had a slightly different read on this movie that should have stayed a straight to video or extended TV episode viewing only. 


Storyline :Tigger goes looking through the hundred-acre-wood to find his family.

Directors: Jun Falkenstein

Writers: Eddie Guzelian, Jun Falkenstein, A.A. Milne

Stars: Jim Cummings, Nikita Hopkins, Ken Sansom, John Fielder, and Peter Cullen

Awards: 0 Wins & 4 Nominations

Film Budget: $30,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $96,159,800


There are some down right god awful songs on this soundtrack. And here they are for you to NOT enjoy.


The wonderful thing about Tiggers...

  1. The original trailer for the movie, as well as some of the television spots, had the song "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind. This had to be changed, because the song is about being addicted to crystal meth.

  2. Jim Cummings' all-time favorite "Winnie the Pooh" movie he ever worked on.

  3. This was the first Disney movie, since Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971), to have songs by former Disney mainstays Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman.

  4. The first theatrical Winnie the Pooh movie to feature an original story and not be made up from a collection of shorts.

  5. The working titles were "Winnie the Pooh and the Family Tree" and "Tigger's Family Tree".


The entire Winnie the Pooh universe of films, tv shows and specials is available on Disney+

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