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Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1980)."We nearly get killed and you wanna open a Sunday school for the enemy?"

God is my co-pilot and other stupid things people say when crash landing on a desert island. This week we bring you The Last Flight of Noah's Ark. There was some disagreements this week on several parts of this film. Is Bobby an annoying kid? Is this film funny? Would the animals survive? All these questions and more we unpack and try not to crash land like our friend Noah Dugan (LOSER) in this classic but little known film from 1980.


Storyline :When Noah Dugan agrees to fly missionary Bernadette Lafleur and her cargo of animals to a remote island, its only because he is on the run from a couple of bookies. What neither of them know is that two of Miss Lafleur's young students have stowed away with the animals & Miss Lafleur's transistor radio has interfered with the plane's instruments and they're all now miles off course. After a forced landing on a remote island, Dugan, Bernadette, Bobby and Julie discover that they are not alone. Together with two Japanese soldiers who have been stranded on the island since WWII, they must turn the plane into a seaworthy boat if they are ever to make it home. When Bobby and Julie insist that they cannot leave the animals behind, the converted plane truly becomes a second Noah's Ark

Directors: Charles Jarrott

Writers: Ernest K. Gann, Steven W. Carabatsos, and Sandy Glass

Stars: Elliott Gould, Genevieve Bujold, Ricky Schroder, Vincent Gardenia and Tammy Lauren

Awards: 4 Wins & 0 Nominations

Film Budget: $6,000,000

Gross Worldwide: $11,000,000


We haven't had a good cheesy soundtrack song in awhile and Half of Me by Alexandra Brown does not disappoint. Imagine for a moment just listening to this song and going...yeh lets go with THAT one for our key movie song.


Lost. 2000 miles at sea in a 40 year old bomber.

  1. The Boeing B-29 Superfortress featured in the flying sequences was Fertile Myrtle, Air Force 45-21787, Navy BuNo 84029, Civil Registration N91329. From 1951 to 1956 it was used by the Navy and NACA to launch the Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket at Edwards Air Force Base, California. It is currently in the collection of the International Sport Aviation Museum in Lakeland, Florida. Four other partial B-29 Superfortresses were acquired from the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, California. One was used for interior shots at the Disney studio. Another was used for night sequences afloat in MGM's outdoor tank. The third was used for the crash site on the island and the fourth was made into the floating Noah's Ark. They were returned to the Navy after filming concluded.

  2. This was the first of two consecutive films that Elliott Gould made for the Disney film studios. The second was 1981's The Devil and Max Devlin (1981).

  3. When Noah is corralling the pigs into their pen, the sound of the pigs' squealing was a re-use of the electronic squealing sound effect from The Black Hole, when the evil robot, Maximillian, was getting its chest drilled open by V.I.N.Cent near the climax of the movie.


This one is NOT available on Disney+ at the time of this recording. You can rent on Amazon below.

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