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Hannah Montana : The Movie (2009)."Life's a climb...but the view is great."

This week we enter a world of superstars, shoe fights with Tyra Banks, and so many tropes it'll make your head spin...or your overalls ride up. Find out if Billy Ray Cyrus has weird Dad energy, if Vanessa Williams has clearance to remove minors from oversees and how do you really know you're in the montage? It's Hannah Montana from 2009.


Storyline : Miley Stewart is like any other teenage girl. She juggles friends, school and family, but unlike most teenagers, she is secretly a pop star called Hannah Montana. When her popularity starts to take control of her life, her father sends her on a vacation to his hometown in the Tennessee back country, to give her a perspective on what really matters in life.

Directors: Peter Chelsom

Stars: Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment and Lucas Till

Awards: 6 Wins & 11 Nominations

Film Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated)

Gross Worldwide: $155,545,279


You would think a movie about a "world famous musician would have better you But we digress. The only REAL song in this movie is of course the one by Taylor Swift. Everything else kind of sucks. Don't even get us started on the "Honkey Tonk...whatever". *insert eye roll here*


She has the best of both worlds... now, she has to pick just one.

  1. The Hoedown Throwdown scene shows Miley's little sister Noah Cyrus dancing by Miley's grandmother in the film.

  2. At $17.4 million, it had the biggest opening-day gross ever for a live-action G-rated movie.

  3. Actors Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus expected the film to be released in theaters, not on Disney Channel as a Disney Channel Original Movie. Ultimately, they didn't want the movie to be an extra-long regular episode of the TV series.

  4. One day on set, Miley Cyrus had just finished shooting a scene next to a Ferris Wheel when high winds blew a piece of lighting equipment onto the Ferris Wheel, injuring several extras.

  5. Actors Taylor Swift and Lucas Till dated in real life and during this movie until September 2009.


The entire Hannah Montana Series and film AND the concert can be seen on Disney+

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