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Napolean & Samantha (1972). "I have a job for you. Help me bury my grandpa."

Join us for this week's episode "Napoleon and Samantha". We talk bottle kids, candy drunk horses, milk drink lions, grandpa the sailor man, smoke show college workers, moral flexibility and why you never trust the odd fella you just met in the woods. Does this movie have us hiking to our freedom or are we hoping to get et up along the way? Find out now?


Storyline :11-year old Napoleon lives with his grandfather and has a good friend who is a circus clown; Napoleon takes care of his pet lion, Major, when he returns to Europe. But after Napoleon's grandfather dies, he and his best friend, Samantha, run off with Major.

Directors: Bernard McEveety

Writers: Stewart Rafill

Stars: Jodie Foster, Michael Douglas & Johnny Whitaker

Awards: Nominee : Best Music, Original Dramatic Score

Film Budget: Unknown

Box Office: Unknown


We can certainly understand why this jaunty tune made such an impression on the Oscar board for consideration.


We Ain't Lion about these Fun Facts!

  1. Jodie Foster's first movie role.

  2. Jodie Foster was attacked by one of the lions and carried briefly in its mouth during the filming of this movie, and still has the scars from the attack. When she appears naked in certain films, she is photographed from specific angles to conceal the scars.

  3. Ellen Corby and Will Geer went on to play Grandma and Grandpa in the Waltons, roles which lasted many years until their deaths.

  4. Filmed in Canyon City, Oregon

  5. A popular tagline for this film was : As They Steal Away, They'll Steal Your Heart


Unfortunately not available on Disney+ Napolean and Samantha can be found on Amazon video for $3.99

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