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Son of Flubber (1963). " Why, if you weren't deductible, I'd disown you!"

LOOK OUT! The Professor's newest invention is ON THE LOOSE! It's a FOOTBRAWL riot... It's a FROGMAN'S delight... It's a TEMPEST in a TEAPOT... It's the LAFF of the PARTY!.....we couldn't think of anything so we stole the tagline. It's Son of Flubber!


Storyline :Professor Ned Brainard's discovery of flubber hasn't quite brought him - or his college - the riches he thought. The Pentagon has declared his discovery to be top secret and the IRS has slapped him with a huge tax bill, even if he has yet to receive a cent. He thinks he may have found the solution in the form of flubbergas, which can change the weather. It also helps Medfield College's football team to win a game. At home, his wife Betsy is jealous of the attention lavished on him by an old high school girlfriend.

Directors: Robert Stevenson

Writers: Bill Walsh(screenplay), Don DaGradi(screenplay) and Samuel W. Taylor(story)

Stars: Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, and Tommy Kirk

Awards: 0 Wins & 2 Nominations

Film Budget: $2,000,000 (estimated)

Gross Worldwide: $Unknown$


There's no banger songs here but we've included a few clips we adore!


Loaded With Laughs! But not so much on fun facts.

  1. Fred MacMurray really was an accomplished saxophone player, so he's really playing the saxophone in the party scene.

  2. The film was criticized for animal cruelty.

  3. At the end of the movie, the football filled with Flubber gas is seen floating among a series of man-made satellites. They are the same satellites used in Eyes in Outer Space (1959).

  4. In one of the most hapless marketing tie-in attempts in movie history, Hasbro Toys, in cooperation with Disney, issued a toy version of Flubber, marketed just before Christmas time in 1962. Similar to Silly Putty, in that it could bounce like a ball and make comic imprints, the mixture was a combination of rubber, mineral oil, and green food coloring that had been lab-tested with no ill effects and was marketed as being made of "a new parent-approved material that is non-toxic and will not stain." Within weeks, claims came pouring in to both Hasbro and Disney that the toy Flubber was causing full-body rashes and sore throats in many of the children who used it, resulting in several lawsuits by angry parents. Eventually, after much experimentation, and an intensive investigation by the FDA, it was determined that there was a property in the mixture, of unknown origin, that caused an infection of the hair follicles in certain individuals. The product was recalled, but disposing of it turned out to be an even dicier proposition. Trying to incinerate the mixture only produced a heavy, dense black cloud around the Providence, Rhode Island, garbage dump where the attempt was made. Working with the U.S. Coast Guard to sink the substance at sea turned out to be a fiasco, as well, as the next day almost all of the dumped Flubber came floating back into Narragansett Bay. Finally, it was decided to use the mixture as landfill, buried deep under the parking lot at Hasbro's new warehouse, just outside of Providence. Even then, the incredible but true story doesn't end there. A popular "urban legend" among Hasbro employees is that every year, during the hottest days of summer, you can still spot some of the mixture oozing through the cracks in the parking lot.


You won't find this wacky ride on Disney+ you'll need to pay $3.99 to view on Amazon or Youtube.

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